Warm + Neutral Living Room

Warm + Neutral Living Room

The Warm and Neutral Living Room! Let’s talk about design.

When I begin a design, I ALWAYS start with pattern and color. For most rooms, I select a rug. In this case, I choose a warm, neutral rug that would allow for a number a color schemes. If you tire of certain elements easily and get bored, try for a neutral foundation. This way, if you get bored, you can swap out pillows, artwork, and some accessories and achieve a whole new look.

Seating! I typically select a neutral sofa. Again, this gives you long term flexibility. Let’s say you purchased this sofa, and a year or two from now you want to switch to blue accents, easy! Just purchase new throw pillows and maybe layer in some blue wall art or a blue throw. You’ll instantly refresh your space. I ALWAYS try to add a bit of leather to a living room. Leather can be masculine and if you have feminine throw pillows and other accents, then it balances a room from looking too feminine. Also, it adds another texture. I have these chairs – SO comfortable, so affordable, and they are faux leather so if you’re vegan faux leather is a perfect choice.

Sprinkling in free floating ottomans provides extra seating in a space. I have these ottomans, and they are amazingly comfortable and affordable. When I have gatherings I use them all the time! Two instant extra seats!

Media cabinets can be expensive. Consider purchasing two cabinets, like these, and pushing them together. So much more afforadable, and again, long term so versatile. If you get tired of them, you can separate them and use them individually.

To ensure that neutrals aren’t boring always consider pattern and texture AND a elements of varying height and of course greenery. You can’t have a living room that’s all at one height. Your eye needs to move up and down in design. Tall plants (faux or real) add visual interest, height and an organic element. Floor lamps are a great way to achieve height as well. Also, art on the walls. Curtains. Layer in items of varying heights!

Feel free to message me with any questions. Shoot me a DM on Instagram!