Traditional Coastal Bedroom Design

Traditional Coastal Bedroom Design

Let’s talk bedroom design!

There has been a reemergence of traditional! BUT that being said, it’s tempered with modern elements to balance it so that it doesn’t look like “grandma’s” hand me downs. One of my favorite things to do is to pair a modern clean upholstered bed with a very detailed dresser. The combination, if done correctly, always wins. You have to be a bit cautious, you don’t want to go too modern, meaning, I would never do a mid century platform bed with the elements on this board. I wanted something upholstered and tall but I carefully avoided nail heads or tufting, because then it would take it traditional, and I avoided going too low or sleek because then it would be too modern for the elements to work together.

I always think it’s wise to ground the room in color, whether that’s on the walls, or in this case, the floor. The rug grounds the space and adds a necessary pop of pattern and color. I personally like to keep the bedding neutral and layer in elements of color and texture with pillows and blankets. A base layer of white bedding is calming and gives you the spa vibe.

PLEASE if there’s any way to avoid a ceiling fan, do it. I know this is harder if you live in warm areas, but I’m in WI and don’t have one fan in my house – well – except in my screen porch! Light fixtures add a sense of luxury and create a cozy vibe.

Money Saving Tip: keeping the bedding neutral and furniture relatively neutral with coordinating wood tones makes is so easy to change the style in the future. If you wanted a different vibe, you can simply change the wall color, throw pillows, art and rug. This is way less costly than swapping out the furniture! Splurge on pieces you’re likely to keep for 10 plus years or more – like the dresser or nightstand. Look for bargain decor and accessories. This lamp is only $40 ($60 with shade) LAMP!

This bedroom is affordable! Under 5K for the set, check out this room!